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Renewable Energy
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Energy Service Company (ESCO)

Your preferred partner for residential & commercial services.

Founded in 1977, Chief Energy Corp. (an Energy Service Company - ESCO) and a Heating Oil Delivery company provides a comprehensive line-up of energy services. Chief Energy has been dedicated to providing energy needs to all of our customers, both new and old. Our company is family owned and operates in the New York City (NY) Metropolitan area. Chief Energy provides fuel oil #2, #4, #6, diesel fuel, biofuels, natural gas and electricity. We specialize in residential and commercial properties.

Our in house pricing analyst reviews the market fluctuations daily and adjusts the pricing we offer accordingly. We work hard to ensure that our pricing is one of the most competitive in the industry. We offer licensed installers for boilers, burners, gas conversions, maintenance and much more.   ESCO Services in New York City Area

Energy Services

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Chief Energy provides discounted electricity supply rates per kWh through ConEdison.

Chief Energy supplies #2,#4, #6 heating oil solutions to thousands of retail commercial and residential properties. We allow you to choose from C.O.D, capped and fixed pricing.

Chief Energy provides natural gas supply through ConEdision and National Grid on a month to month basis or fixed yearly contracts.

Advantages of an ESCO

Why Chief Energy as your ESCO partner?

  • Save on energy costs by selecting fixed or variable pricing to reduce your ConEdision bill and provide budget certainty.
  • Reduced tax on the delivery side of the ConEdison bill.
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Fixed Energy Prices

Commercial & Residential Services
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Energy Customers

Energy Customers
"I locked in my rates. Now, I know it will be the same - no matter what"
Julie Hamre Brooklyn, NY

Energy Saving Tips

Save on your Energy Costs
Cool your home at 78 degrees or warmer with the thermostat fan switch on "auto”  |  Clean or replace your air conditioners filter every month

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