Energy Saving Tips - Winter


Use a programmable thermostat with your heating system to automatically lower the temperature at night or when no one is home.

Keep the warm air in and the cold air out by adding insulation, caulking and weatherstipping around doors, attic access, windows, outlets and any area that can let the cold air in and the warm air out. Or, call a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® contractor to assess your home's efficiency.

It's a good time to check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace old batteries. Remember - as you seal up leaks in your home this becomes even more important.

Make sure floor and wall vents are not blocked by draperies, furniture, or rugs. Vents should also be cleaned regularly with a vacuum or broom.

Keep blinds and drapes of sun-exposed windows open in the daytime and closed at night.

When the fireplace is not in use, keep the flue damper tightly closed.

Have your heating system inspected by a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor. If you have a forced-air heating system, check your air filters once a month and replace if dirty.

Make sure outdoor portions of your heating system are not blocked by leaves, shrubbery, or other objects.

If you have a window air conditioning unit, remove it for the winter months to prevent heat from escaping through and around the unit. If it can't be removed, buy a cover to prevent drafts.

Install rubber gaskets behind outlets and switch plates on exterior walls. Gaskets can be found in most home improvement stores.

Ceiling fans can keep you comfortable in the winter too! Reversing the direction of the blades pushes warm air down in to the room.

Lower your water heater temperature to 120 degrees. For added savings, have your water heater wrapped with an insulation blanket by your Heating/Plumbing Contractor.


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