What has deregulation changed in the energy market today?
It gives the consumer the ability to choose who will supply their commodity energy requirements.
How can Chief Energy reduce my monthly energy bills?
By taking service from Chief Energy you will receive certain reductions in your distribution charges and Chief Energy will pass on savings obtained from its wholesale purchase of commodity.
What happens if I have an emergency?
Call your utility company immediately, but as a Chief Energy client you will have access to licensed technicians with 24 hour emergency service during the winter months.
Will there be a disruption in my commodity service if I switch to Chief Energy?
No. Chief Energy offers easy hassle free switching with state of the art technology. We work directly with the utilities on your behalf.
How do I go about switching to Chief Energy?
It's simple. Fill out the client sales agreement on line or call 1-718-438-6676 and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you.
Are there any additional costs for choosing Chief Energy?
No. We will actually save you money.
How do I make my payments?
Pay the total amount due directly to the utility company.


What we offer?

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Emergency Service 24 x 7

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