Deregulation of the Natural Gas Industry started in 1996. Since then, any retail customer in NYS has had the option to choose a supplier other than the incumbent utility. Natural Gas deregulation in NYS has been a "quite success" with no disruption in the delivery process. The utility has and always will maintain the role of Supplier of Last Resort. The NYS Public Service Commission (NYSPSC) is encouraging customers to switch suppliers. The NYSPSC has made it their goal to have the utilities exit the merchant (commodity supply) function. Switching to Chief is seamless. Chief charges will appear on utility bill, no extra bills in the mail. Payments are still made to the utility No Additional checks to write. The utility company is still responsible for maintaining the gas lines, reading the meter and responding to emergencies; Yet, as a Chief Energy customer you have the added security of utilizing our service technicians.

Choose the best fixed or variable pricing plan for your needs.

Choose the best balance of service options.

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The transition is simple; just provide Chief Energy with your next Account Number and start saving on your next gas bill. Chief will take care of the rest. Call Today!!!!!


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Julie Hamre Brooklyn, NY

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