Fixed Price

Chief Energy’s Fixed Price product guarantees a customer a single price for the contracted volume of natural gas over the contract period. Fixed Price products are attractive to customers who want to protect themselves from rising markets or who must meet established budget objectives and have low risk tolerance or price volatility..


How it Works

Lock in a delivered price for a specified volume over the contract period .

Guaranteed Ability to Meet Budget Objectives

  • Right product and price
  • Reliable supply
  • No surprise

Cash Flow Management

  • Single Price and defined timeframe
  • Locked in regardless of market price
  • Competitive advantage when prices risk
Chief Energy will work with you to analyze your natural gas usage profile and offer you a competitive fixed rate for the length of your contract.



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Customer Quotes

Customer Quotes
"I locked in my rates. Now, I know it will be the same - no matter what"
Julie Hamre Brooklyn, NY

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